Our guiding principles

We believe that better begins with each of us.

Our commitment is fuelled by fundamental guiding principles that define how we do business.

They guide our actions and behaviour.

They influence the way we work with each other and the way we serve our various stakeholders.


Our guiding principles determine how we ACT


AGILITY AND DETERMINATION IN ACHIEVING: Our agility enables us to seize and also create the opportunity. We believe in the power of ambition and it is only by taking determined initiatives and by moving quickly that we can serve our clients with excellence, generate sustainable value for our people, shareholders and contribute to our broader community.


CARE AND ENGAGEMENT IN WHAT WE DO: We believe that one has to care for what they do to do it well, fuelled by the passion and enthusiasm we put in every action we undertake. We operate in a spirit of cooperation and respect, by embracing each individual’s talents and we commit to creating a forward thinking environment driven by how we are engaged in improving what we leave behind.


TRUST AND RESPONSIBILITY IN OUR RELATIONSHIPS:  We lead by example and take ownership of our individual responsibility. This means doing the right thing at all times and conducting our business with the highest standards of professional behaviour and ethics, by being transparent and honest in all our interactions with employees, consumers, partners and the public at large.