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Finish off with perfection.



Production Finishing Equipment

To offer more options and solutions to the production & graphic arts industry, EO has come up with the right and smart option to offer the right finishing options to enable you to work full fledge with high end technological systems and to provide finishing equipment such as:

  • Business card cutters

  • Binding machines

  • Creasers / Staplers

  • Electric Guillotines

  • Laminating machines

Industrial Shredders: HSM

As a data protection expert, HSM offers document shredders for every need. They shred paper, credit cards, CDs and DVDs in strips or particles. This is the safest option for shredding sensitive documents such as bank statements, tax documents or personal information directly at a desk in the workplace.

  • Office Finishing Equipment

A portfolio of international brands.

The office equipment range includes complete binding, laminating equipment & shredding systems represented with a growing array of international brands and products that meet rigorous standards for quality and innovation.


  • Laminating

  • Binding

  • Shredders

  • Guillotines & trimmers


  • Guillotines

  • Heavy duty shredders


  • Duplicators


  • Security cheques signing machine