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Cash Handling Solutions

World-renowned brands for cash processing and management.


We have solutions for every cash handling task. Perfect for Banks, Retail enterprises, Service companies, Gambling, Petrol stations, Car dealerships, Transport, Restaurants, Hotels, Ticket offices, Cash centres, Exchange offices, Supermarkets, etc.

Our Solutions are designed for the Cash Handling Tasks:






1. CPS - VSeries


Leading the way in efficient and intelligent cash management, the high-speed capabilities of the V Series have never-before been seen on a mid-sized sorter.




2. CPS - X Range™-Series


The X Range™ is a flexible desktop solution providing high-capacity desktop sorting in return for a low cost of ownership where maximising operating efficiencies and maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and security are vital.




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3. GLORY – G-200 – Self Service Assisted Solution


The GLORY G-200 enable the complete automation of bank teller transaction in a rapid, contactless, accurate and secure manner. Self-Service Assisted Solution, will transform retail branches by the automation of routine transactions through the GLORY G-200 processing capabilities.




4. GLORY - Teller cash recycler: Vertera 6G


Vertera 6G teller cash recyclers deliver an intuitive secure and will improve efficiency for increased profitability. Enabling open plan layouts, reduced start / end of day processes, faster teller transactions, redeployment of staff and enhanced customer experience.




5. CT Coin –CDS 800 series – Self service coin counters and sorters for financial institutions


The CoinBank 800 series is specially developed and designed for the banking world. Free your branch staff from the cumbersome coin handling processes. The most silent self service coin counter on the market for mix coin counting, depositing and sorting. Retaining counterfeit coins from circulation as per EU Regulation1338/2001 ’Art.6’.




6. Scan coin – SC 8220F – Fitness Two pocket notes currency sorter


Heavy duty two pocket currency sorter machine for demanding cash processing environment. This highly efficient 2-pocket machine makes non-stop processing prossible. Unfit notes and counterfeits are off sorted to a reject pocket without interrupting the processing flow.




7. DORS - Two-Pocket bank note counter


DORS 800 is intended for the counting of US Dollars, Euro and other currencies with simultaneous authenticity verification, denomination recognition and with note sorting by orientation, face and denomination




8. Chihua - CH 600 AN – Banknote Counting Machine


Highly efficient and cost effective, the brand Chihua is the value for money deal on the market for bank note counting machine. Reliable and robust with soft touch keyboard, as it rapidly counts for both new and used notes with 100 % accuracy.

9. Chihua - CH 202N – Coin Counting Machine


With Hopper capacity of 5000 coins, simple and easy to use.




10. Chihua - CH 900D – Desktop Banknote Counting Machine


Desktop banknote counting machine. Small and space saving, with high reliability and ease of maintenance.

11. Chihua - CH 900F – Floor Type Banknote Counting Machine


Friendly operation and high accuracy counting with ease of use to check accuracy of notes, especially for counting unstrapped bundle of notes. With a 200 notes holder capacity.


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