Our purpose

EO is a strong purpose driven organisation.

Our daily actions are inspired by


Making a difference for the better…


…of our people

•      Our people are our greatest asset as our backgrounds, perspectives, and passions help us create the ideas that move us forward. We build together a trustworthy and energising workplace where ideas are shared openly, talents are nurtured and collaborative work is encouraged.


…of our performance

•      Every job we undertake is done with commitment and passion to achieve sustainable economic growth. We take ownership of our responsibilities for which we are accountable to make it happen by challenging status quo and legacies. We demonstrate a strong sense of obligation to serve our stakeholders who count on us to deliver quality and excellence in everything we do.


…of our consumers

•      Our consumers are at the heart of all our decisions. Consumer centricity is not just about offering great customer service, it means sourcing the best products, brands and solutions on the market, offering a great experience from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process and finally through the post-purchase process.


…of our planet

•      As a legacy to future generations, we are committed finding ways to live in harmony with the natural world around us by protecting it from damage and destruction.