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Implementation & support

Implementation and support services range from delivery and installation to warranty and out-of-warranty repairs, technical support and maintenance of all systems and solutions proposed by EO.

Facilities and services available to customers:

  • Service Centre

Our repair centre is a fully equipped centre serviced by PROSERV and located in Pailles, whereby reception and parking facilities are available to customers.

Services include workshop repairs of in-warranty and post-warranty equipment, as well as technical support via our Helpdesk and on-site technical interventions.

PROSERV’s team of trained and experienced technicians shall indulge to complete repairs within the minimum delay and in line with the terms and conditions of service level agreements or maintenance contracts.

  • Maintenance and service contracts        

Flexible and customisable contracts are available to customers, so as to cater for the varying requirements and service levels of every customer, depending on the criticality of the equipment or systems being operated.

Hardware maintenance contracts are either Full Cover (spare parts, labour, transport) or Half Cover (labour and transport only). Hardware maintenance include preventive maintenance, a defined response time for technical intervention and can also cater for replacement of faulty equipment by a temporary replacement unit until faulty equipment is repaired.

Full Service Maintenance Agreements (FSMA’s)* can be contracted by customers, and may include additional consumables.

Service Level Agreements (SLA’s)* apply for technical support services to be provided within a defined guaranteed response time. Technical support services include logging of customer requests, telephonic support via our Helpdesk and on-site technical interventions for troubleshooting and problem

resolution. SLA’s may extend over normal working hours to cater up to 24/7 service coverage.

*Conditions apply

SLA’s are normally coupled with hardware maintenance, but may also be contracted independently of whether customer has a hardware maintenance agreement.

  • Short-term rentals

Rental of equipment/systems is available on short-term basis, against a rental charge.

Typical needs are for one-off events or for cases whereby customers do not have a hardware maintenance agreement and require immediate use of temporary replacement equipment, while faulty equipment is being repaired. Delivery, installation and technical support are inclusive of the rental charges applied, during the rental period.